Industrial Pest Proofing

Prevention is better than..

Commercial establishments and businesses are particularly at risk from rodents. Health and safety concerns can devastate businesses. Pest Proofing can help keep all rodents away without toxic chemicals and poisons, ensuring peace of mind.  Take a look at some of the pest damages we’ve dealt with over the years.

Why Pest Proofing?

Improve value of property 

    • A pest-proof structure with an all-inclusive warranty increases the value of your property, and can add leverage  

One-time investment vs. Ongoing reactive services 

    • Pest proofing is the only effective and permanent way to tackle a structural pest problem. Applying poison or traps simply doesn’t cut it, even if all the individuals are dispatched, there are pheromone trails leading into your structure via large access points. Population control has to come after. 

Saves money in the long run 

    • Pay once and mitigate further damage or pest control expenses. Would you pay a roofer to put a bucket under a leak and charge you a subscription to empty it? 

Peace of mind 

    • Beyond the uncomfortable feeling of living with an infestation, you are mitigating damage to your property which can be devastating, as well as guarding against unnecessary health risks. 

Environmentally friendly 

    • Pest proofing delivers a near-instant, permanent result, mitigating the need for chemicals and needless killing. 

Industrial Pest Proofing

This gallery showcases aspects of pest proofing with our team hard at work! Our animal behavior experts collaborate with our engineers to build a completely foolproof solution. We inspect, plan and pest proof every nook and corner of your home.  And the best part? Nothing shows on the outside!

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